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The month of May is dedicated to Our Lady


The ascension of the lord

(28 May)

After his Resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples over a period of forty days. Ascension Day is when we celebrate Jesus’ return to his Father in Heaven.


Pentecost sunday

(4 June)

This is the day we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the Church.


The most holy trinity

(11 June)

Today we celebrate our belief in the Trinity, the three persons of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The most holy body and blood of christ

(18 June)

On this feast we give thanks to God for the gift of Jesus in the form of bread and wine.


The most sacred heart of jesus

(23 June)

On this day we remember how much Jesus loves us all.


Ss. Peter and paul, apostles

(29 June)

We celebrate the lives of these important saints who helped establish the Christian Church.













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