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Uniform is  available from Debonair, in the Market Hall in Oldham or through the "Myclothing" website: https://myclothing.com/


Grey or black smart trousers, white shirt or polo shirt, navy blue sweatshirt with school logo, black shoes.


Knee length grey or black skirt or pinafore dress, grey or black smart trousers, white blouse or polo shirt, navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo, black shoes, no heels.

Indoor Footwear

All children must have indoor footwear to wear in the event of bad weather.


P.E Uniform

Black shorts and yellow t-shirt or polo shirt

Black pumps – these can also be used for indoors in the event of bad weather

Children must have a pump bag with their name marked on it – available from school office

Children must have a St. Anne’s reading folder/book bag – available from school office


All clothing and shoes should be marked with the child’s name.


NO jewellery is allowed. If ears are pierced, small studs may be worn.

NO acrylic nails or nail varnish allowed.

A watch may be worn.

Mobile phones

Year 5/6 children who walk home alone may bring a mobile phone if parents request this, but this is brought to school at their own risk. Phones must be handed in to the class teacher first thing in the morning and collected at 3pm. During the school day, any contact between home and school will be made via the school office.


Long hair must be tied back

Only plain headbands allowed NO JoJo Bows.

Patterns shaved into short hair cuts are not allowed.


New School Bags

We have changed suppliers for our school reading folders,  and have changed to a new design.  We are also now supplying sport bags for outdoor P.E kits/footwear/swimming kit etc. The sports bag has a small zipped section inside.

The cost of a reading folder/book bag is £6

The cost of a sports bag is £4

Available from the school office.


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