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Welcome to the Curriculum page. Please see below the curriculum that we use at St Anne's. 

Please see class pages for the most current topics and for more information.

If you have any queries or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.



From discussion with staff, it was felt that the curriculum at St Anne’s needed 'shaking up' to motivate and inspire the children and provide them with a breadth and depth of knowledge and skills. It was also agreed that it had too much of a focus on English and Maths, therefore we had a look at adopting an alternative curriculum to provide children with a motivating, rich and diverse curriculum in line with the National Curriculum. Having looked at various different schemes it was decided that we would purchase Cornerstones curriculum.  

Cornerstones: As teachers we feel that cornerstones encourages inquisitiveness and interest in the wider world that fuels children’s thirst for learning. It is challenging, engaging and links to the local area. As we are a high percentage of Pupil premium, as a staff we think it is crucial that children get as many first hand experiences as possible and Cornerstones helps plan in thes trips/activities. It also allows for teacher flexibility which staff have liked as it allows them to be creative in their own way but allows teachers the comfort of knowing that the objectives from the NC are being taught and covered.



We implemented the new curriculum in September and as any new curriculum we had a few teething problems. From learning walks it was evident that there was not enough work being covered even though the timetable allowed for it. As a result we introduced some Topic days in which teachers had the whole day teaching through their topic. Additionally, it was noted at the beginning, that teachers were still using an  English WALT objective even though they were teaching a foundation subject. As a result, it was agreed that if a teacher is teaching knowledge or skills from a foundation subject it must be a foundation subject WALT, however teachers can teach English or maths through the topic and in their topic books but that must have a clear English or Maths WALT. We are implementing KWL (what you already know, what you want to know  and what you have learnt ) at the beginning of the topic and then at the end will show progression and pupil ownership and also put what subject you are doing in the corner.  



We have come very far on our journey from September which is shown in the quantity and quality of work in the books. 

  • More topic related trips and experiences have been carried out ( so far: Year 2 have been to Maritime Museum and went on a trip across the Mersey ( Land A’Ahoy) Year 6 went to Manchester Museum to look at a fossil exhibition ( Darwin’s Delights) Year 4 had an Anglo Saxon come into school and deliver a workshop for the class ( Traders and Raiders) as well as a Dinosaur ‘trashing’ a classroom in year 1! Year 3 have had an Ancient Greek expert coming into school More to come in the next term, 
  • More topic assemblies to celebrate children work: Year 2, year 4 and year 3 and year 5 s far.
  • From learning walks, it is evident more children work is on display and celebrated
  • From monitoring books, the quantity of work has increased from last year
  • More art work and DT is being carried out throughout the school ( evident on learning Walks and from SERFs)
  • From looking at books more emphasis on Humanities skills and understanding.
  • From interviewing children, they are more engaged and enthusiastic
  • From book scrutiny presentation is of a high standard.
  • From book scrutiny more child responses to marking and feedback.
  • Data shows in line with NA for English and Maths which shows high expectations and progress and attainment


Please click below for each classes curriculum map which details topics, cultural capital, Commando Jo curriculum, key texts and planned trips and visitors. If you have any question regarding the curriculum please contact your child's class teacher.

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Our phonics scheme is called Read, Write, Inc. If you have any queries at all, please speak to a member of the EYFS/Key stage 1 team. 



We follow the Salford Diocese Scheme of work: The Way, the truth and the Life.

Please click here to see which world religions we cover.


At St Anne's we have Oldham Music Service in who deliver the music curriculum to all the year groups. In addition, we have whole class guitar lessons for years 4 and 5 on a Wednesday (this was as a result of the children's questionnaire in which they asked for Guitar lessons- so that is what they got!). As well as this, we have curriculum music on a Friday as well as Choir. On a Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Hartnell-Booth teaches a small group woodwind groups. At St Anne's we pride ourselves on our musical talents and every year we preform at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and we have also preformed with the Halle Orchestra!


At St Anne's Oldham Sport development  (Mr James Wainwright)  teaches the majority of our PE lessons ensuring skills are developed and progression is made. Additionally,  to ensure sustainability, teacher training and shadowing is also put into place. Please see Sport and Club pages for any further information for competitions and after school clubs. Furthermore, we deliver the Commando Joe's scheme of work which focuses on the RESPECT curriculum including resilience and empathy.


In KS2 we have a French teacher who delivers French lessons once a week to the children in KS2. They thoroughly love learning a new language! Tres Bien!


Every Friday Year 4 go to Oldham Swimming Baths for their weekly lessons. The children love going swimming and developing their confidence and skills in the water.

Following the new DFE guidance, please see the sport premium statement for the % of children (in the current year 6 class) who can:

- swim competently, confidently and proficiently.

-can perform safe self rescue in different water based situations.

-can use a range of strokes effectively over a distance.



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