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Welcome to the Curriculum page. Please see below the curriculum that we use at St Anne's. 

Please see class pages for the most current topics and for more information.

If you have any queries or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.


Mission Statement

We grow together as a Catholic Faith Community, as we follow and promote Gospel values in all we do. We grow together in wisdom, as we encourage each child to achieve their full potential, academically, spiritually and socially and in a spirit of confidence. We grow together in respect, friendship and responsibility, as we reach out to those in our wider community. We Grow Together in God’s Love.

Curriculum Intent:

Our intentions are clear: for each child to achieve their full potential, academically, spiritually and socially and in a spirit of confidence.

WORD: We want our children to experience the curriculum, knowing God is in everything good. We want our children to be taught in the best way possible, in ways that meet their needs, to stretch them. We want children to visit new places and to meet visitors that can further expand their horizons and broaden their vocabulary. Through many experiences, we want children to hear God’s Word and to marvel at His creation.

WELCOME: We celebrate the levels of diversity in our school community, and we exercise our beliefs by ensuring all children from all backgrounds have access to our curriculum so that they can make positive contributions to society. We want children of all ability levels to be challenged and to make progress. We want all children to know they can grow, as each member of our community grows together in God’s love.

WELFARE: We want children to feel safe to ask questions, safe to enquire, safe to grow, no matter what their interests. We want children to embrace our core values of Love, Respect and Responsibility, to know that sometimes the answer isn’t always straight forward, that being just and fair is paramount and that a role of service will ensure they and their peers feel valued.

WORSHIP: We want our children to foster their relationship with God regardless of their point on their Faith Journey, and to put prayer at the heart of their well-being.

WITNESS: We want our children to develop a vast array of knowledge, skills and understanding that they can transfer from one curriculum area to another, so that in their future lives they can ensure they fulfil their responsibilities that they, and others, may live life to the full.

Curriculum Implementation:

At St Anne’s, we implement our curriculum by dividing it into topics from which children learn skills and knowledge from different subject areas. This is based upon Cornerstones, but is supplemented by our RE scheme (The Way, the Truth and the Life) and aspects to improve children’s ‘Cultural Capital’: knowledge of Shakespeare’s plays, influential people, saints, artists, paintings, composers and classical music. God’s Word runs through everything that we learn at St Anne’s. All children have a growth mindset with opportunities to influence their own learning and they work towards an ‘end product’. Central in the implementation is about following and promoting Gospel values in all we do. Progress is measured for all children, regardless of starting point, to give next steps in learning for each child.

Curriculum Impact:

Our children are more confident with wider horizons and at the end of each key stage, are ready and well prepared for their transition to the next one. They know Gospel Values, British Values and the 5Ws and can make decisions about their lives with those in mind. They have grown together in respect, friendship and responsibility, as we reach out to those in our wider community. A rich vocabulary, a clear understanding of social etiquette and higher aspirations come from our broad and balanced curriculum.



From September 2020 we are following a 2 week timetable. English, Maths and phonics is taught daily. We have 10% of our teaching timetable dedicated to RE. For the foundation subjects we teach these every 2 weeks with the exeption of science and PE which is taught weekly. Please see curriculum maps for each year group, which include topics, foundation subject, cultural capital and planned visitors and trips.

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Our phonics scheme is called Read, Write, Inc. If you have any queries at all, please speak to a member of the EYFS/Key stage 1 team. 



We follow the Salford Diocese Scheme of work: The Way, the truth and the Life.

Please click here to see which world religions we cover.


At St Anne's we have Oldham Music Service in who deliver the music curriculum to all the year groups. As well as this, we have KS2 Choir. On a Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Hartnell-Booth teaches a small group woodwind groups. At St Anne's we pride ourselves on our musical talents and we have preformed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and also  with the Halle Orchestra!


At St Anne's Oldham Sport development  (Mr James Wainwright)  teaches the majority of our PE lessons ensuring skills are developed and progression is made. Additionally,  to ensure sustainability, teacher training and shadowing is also put into place. Please see Sport and Club pages for any further information for competitions and after school clubs. Furthermore, we deliver the Commando Joe's scheme of work which focuses on the RESPECT curriculum including resilience and empathy.


From September 2020, French will be taught to all KS1 and KS2 children. Tres Bien!


Every Friday Year 4 go to Oldham Swimming Baths for their weekly lessons. The children love going swimming and developing their confidence and skills in the water.

Following the new DFE guidance, please see the sport premium statement for the % of children (in the current year 6 class) who can:

- swim competently, confidently and proficiently.

-can perform safe self rescue in different water based situations.

-can use a range of strokes effectively over a distance.



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