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Monday 16th July 2018

Telephone: 0161 770 5401          Email: info@stannesrc.oldham.sch.uk          

Web: https://stannesrc.oldham.sch.uk/

Headteacher: Mr J Graves          Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Wainwright


Thought for the Week:

“I notice that we are the same and we are different.” Please take some time to talk the Thought for the Week through with your child.



Thanks for all your support at St Anne’s this year. All at our school wish you have a lovely summer and we will see you at 8.50am on Tuesday 4th September.


Roll of Honour… Last week’s winners:


































Next holidays

We break up for half term on Friday 20th July at 1pm.


Code of Conduct for Parents

The school expects parents and carers to:

Always respect the caring ethos of the school.

Always understand that parents and teachers need to work together for the benefit of children.

Always demonstrate in their own behaviour that all members of the school community should be treated with respect and understand that even if there is conflict due to a member of staff’s oversight, parents must remain calm and respectful.

Always approach school staff to help resolve issues.

Always work with the school to build relationships with its staff.

Always know that children cannot be moved on request of the parent.

Always seek to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s view in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue.

Always correct their own child’s behaviour, especially where it could lead to conflict.

Always avoid using staff as threats to admonish children.


We thank parents for observing the Code of Conduct.


End of Year Awards

We have increased the number of certificates that we give out on a regular basis to recognise children’s efforts and achievements. Each week, there is Effort, Behaviour and the Headteacher Award. The School Council give out British Values Awards and the Chaplains give out “5W” Awards. Each half term we give out Half Term Awards.

Therefore, at the end of the year, our focus will be on our Year 6 children leaving. The arrangements for the end of the year will not have the usual annual awards that we have had recently, as we have introduced so many other this year. Rather, this year the children will take care of arrangements – at 12.15pm on the last day, Year 6 will perform a Leavers’ Assembly and at 1pm they leave as school closes for the Summer. All Y6 parents are invited… bring your tissues!!


Dates for the Diary.

Parents are warmly invited to see their child at their Class Assembly and Class Mass…

16 July – Reports go home! – Please check your child’s book bag tonight!

17 July – Leavers’ Mass in church @ 9.30am – all invited

20 July – Y6 Leavers’ Assembly for parents @ 12.15pm

20 Sept – Newman RC College VIP Evening

26 Sept – Newman RC College Open Evening


Photographs in School

At School events, due to sensitive safeguarding issues around some of our children, I am afraid that we must ask parents not to take photographs or videos during productions, assemblies and all school events. However, we will always provide opportunities at the end for the you to take photographs of your own child. Please be mindful that if you are going to take a photograph of your child with a friend, that you need the child’s parent’s permission to do so. Thank you for your co-operation.


Newman RC College – Dates for the Diary

VIP Evening is Thursday 20th September at 19:00 – 20:00… for all families of  Y5 and Y6 children who are thinking of applying.

Open Evening is Wednesday 26th September, times to be advised.

More details from Newman College to come.



If you are considering earrings for your child, school would advise that ears are pierced in the first weekend of the summer holiday. Thus, the ears have 6 weeks to heal, meaning that earrings can be removed for school time when children return in September.


Teachers in September

We would like to say a sad farewell to the 4 member of staff who are leaving us on Friday. We will really miss them and thank them for their huge contributions. We are sorry to see the following staff members leave St Anne’s: Mr Barry, Mrs Thornton, Mrs McHale, Mrs Jacobs and Mrs Murray. We wish them lots of luck!

The new look team in September will be as follows:

Nursery – Miss Eckersall

Reception – Miss Farrell

Year 1 – Mr Shaw

Year 2 – Miss Humphreys and Mrs Gore

Year 3 – Miss Comer

Year 4 – Miss Sharp

Year 5 – Mr Holden

Year 6 – Mrs Osborne and Miss Unsworth


Social Media

Please note that children must be 13 years old to have an email account. Therefore, children who have one can create a social media account for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other forums. Recently, it has come to our attention that children have these accounts and are posting pictures and messages that their parents did not know about. In the interests of safety, please be vigilant.



Dear God,

We know that we are all unique, different and useful. We are all the same because we are all human beings. Amen – Yeva Y3


Dear God,

Thank you for making us unique to others but you did make us in the same way with legs and arms.

Thank you for our different personalities. Amen – Daniel Y3




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