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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Monday 16th March 2020

Telephone: 0161 770 5401    Email: info@stannesrc.oldham.sch.uk     Web: https://stannesrc.oldham.sch.uk/

Headteacher: Mr J Graves       Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Wainwright


Thought for the Week:

“I know that in Lent I should show RESPONSIBILITY.” Please take some time to talk the Thought for the Week through with your child.


Roll of Honour…9th – 13th March




Rec Star


Y1 Star


Y2 Star


Y3 Star


Y4 Star

Harry C

Y5 Star


Y6 Star


Deputy Head Award


Headteacher Award


Golden Bin






House Points – Class Award


House Point Winners

St. David’s



Dates for the Diary.

Parents are warmly invited to see their child at their Class Assembly and Class Mass:


Tues 17th March – Y2 Assembly

Weds 18th March – Y3 Tatton Park trip

Mon 23rd March – Y4 Class Service 9:45am

Tues 24th March – Skipping Workshop

Weds 25th March – Y3 Class Service – 9:45am

Weds 25th March – World Book Day

Mon 6th April – Reconciliation Service – 9:45am

Weds 8th April – End of Term Mass – 9:45am

Tues 28th April – Rec Assembly

Mon 4th May – Y3 Class Service – 9:45am

Tues 18th May – Y5 Assembly – new date

Weds 20th May – Y4 Class Mass – 9:45am

Weds 17th June – Y5 Class Mass – 9:45am

Tues 23rd June – Y4 Assembly

Weds 24th June – Y6 Class Mass – 9:45am

Tues 7th July – Y1 Assembly

Weds 15th July – End of Term Mass – 9:45am

Thurs 16th July – Y6 Assembly


School closes for Easter on Thursday 9th April.


Easter Dates

Mon 6th April – Reconciliation Service – 9:45am

                        Egg in a Box competition KS2 – 2pm

Thurs 9th April – Easter Bonnet competition – Early Years          & KS1 - 2pm 

Parents invited to both events.



We are monitoring the Government advice and we will let you know if anything changes. At the moment, school remains open. Please read the letter your child brings home tonight.



During Lent, we are asking the children if they can bring 1 item of food (tins, packets etc) into school each week for 6 weeks. This will then all be donated to the Oldham Food Bank.


Lenten Mass

Lenten Mass will be in school each Weds during Lent at 8:30am. Parents and families invited.

During Lent, Magic Breakfast on Wednesday will be at 8:15am – GRAB AND GO BAGELS, and the children will be taken into Lenten Mass. Anyone arriving after 8:20am will miss breakfast, and have to wait with parents until the doors open at 8:50am


Magic Breakfast

IMPORTANT:The doors for Magic Breakfast CLOSE at 8:35am. We have had children regularly turning up late (at 8:40am, 8:45am etc) having had NO BREAKFAST. This puts us in a very awkward position.

It is NOT school’s responsibility to ensure children are given breakfast. We DO offer FREE breakfast, providing your child turns up between 8:30am and 8:35am. If you cannot make this time, please ensure your child has had breakfast.


Unavoidable Closure

If it is felt necessary to close the school due to weather or building problems, this information will be sent out by text as soon as possible. Please ensure we have the correct mobile number. Thank you.


Emotional Health and Mental Wellbeing

In the entrance area of school there is a leaflet stand with lots of helpful and informative information for parents. Please feel free to browse and take any leaflets of interest.


Our school website has lots of information and support for emotional health and wellbeing. Click on the Safeguarding tab onto the Emotional Health and wellbeing tab for further information.



Please can we ask parents if their child is absent from school, please phone the office before 9:30am. Absences reported to members of staff on the door are not a safe way of informing school.



Please can we remind parents that the school car park is for staff and deliveries only. Parents are asked not to walk through the car park with children as this is a health and safety risk.

Please can parents park considerately when parking outside school,as there have been a number of near misses.



If your child has a diagnosis of asthma, it is vital that school are informed, and that it is recorded on your child’s contact form. It is parental responsibility to inform school of all medical conditions children have been diagnosed with.



When it is your child’s birthday, we will now allow children, if they wish to, to give out small amounts of chocolate as a gift to their classmates. Apologies, sweets, such as Haribo’s, etc, and birthday cakes cannot be given out. Chocolates that contain traces of nuts must NOT be brought into school as they are dangerous to the children at St Anne’s who have nut allergies.


Code of Conduct for Parents

The school expects parents and carers to:

Always respect the caring ethos of the school.

Always understand that parents and teachers need to work together for the benefit of children.

Always demonstrate in their own behaviour that all members of the school community should be treated with respect and understand that even if there is conflict due to a member of staff’s oversight, parents must remain calm and respectful.

Always approach school staff to help resolve issues.

Always work with the school to build relationships with its staff.

Always know that children cannot be moved on request of the parent.

Always seek to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s view in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue.

Always correct their own child’s behaviour, especially where it could lead to conflict.

Always avoid using staff as threats to admonish children.


We thank parents for observing the Code of Conduct.


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