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Thought for the Week:

I can tell you how I look after myself.” Please take some time to talk the Thought for the Week through with your child.

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Year 2



Dates for the Diary.

Parents are warmly invited to see their child at their Class Assembly and Class Mass… Dates below…

Tuesday 13th November – Parents Evening

Wednesday 14th November – Y2 Class Assembly @ 9.00am

Tuesday 20th November – Flu Immunisations

Monday 26th November – Y5 Class Assembly @ 9.00am

Tuesday 27th November – Y3 Class Mass in classroom @ 9.15am

Tuesday 4th December – Y4 Class Mass in classroom @ 9:10am


Christmas Dates

Friday 7th December – Christmas Fair in school 2-5pm

Monday 10th December – Y6 Class Assembly @ 9.00am

Wednesday 12th December – EYFS Nativity 1:30pm

Thursday 13th December – Pantomime Trip

Friday 14th December – KS2 and Choir - Carols and Coffee 9-10am

                                      KS1 Nativity 1:30pm

Tuesday 18th December –  EYFS andKS1 Party

Wednesday 19th December – Whole School Mass in CHURCH @ 9.30am – all welcome!

Wednesday 19th December – Christmas Dinner

Thursday 20th December – KS2 Party

We break up for Christmas on Friday 21st December at 1pm.


Code of Conduct for Parents

The school expects parents and carers to:

Always respect the caring ethos of the school.

Always understand that parents and teachers need to work together for the benefit of children.

Always demonstrate in their own behaviour that all members of the school community should be treated with respect and understand that even if there is conflict due to a member of staff’s oversight, parents must remain calm and respectful.

Always approach school staff to help resolve issues.

Always work with the school to build relationships with its staff.

Always know that children cannot be moved on request of the parent.

Always seek to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s view in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue.

Always correct their own child’s behaviour, especially where it could lead to conflict.

Always avoid using staff as threats to admonish children.

We thank parents for observing the Code of Conduct.


Parents' Evening - Tuesday 13th November, 1.30pm-6.15pm

Please ensure you have booked a parent’s evening appointment for tomorrow – appointments can be made at the school office.


Car Park

Please can we remind parents that the school car park is for staff and deliveries only. Parents are asked not to walk through the car park with children as this is a health and safety risk.


Social Media: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc

In line with other schools, we would like to strongly recommend that children do not have access to social media (even under parent supervision) until they are old enough to have an email account, which we believe is 13.


School Applications

The deadline for parents to apply for a Secondary School place for Y6 pupils is 31st October. Please ensure you apply online:


The internet can be accessed at any Oldham Library.


Applications for Reception class places are now open. The deadline is 15th January, but we advise parents to make the application as soon as possible. Please remember that attendance at a school nursery does not guarantee a place in reception class. Parents must make a separate application for admission to reception class. Applications online at




Children in Need

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Children in Need.

Children are welcome to wear their own spotty or yellow clothes for a £1 donation, which will go to Children in Need. We are also holding a raffle to win a giant Pudsey Bear – tickets cost £1.




This note is to state that the adults in our school are incredibly impressed at the way the School Council have organised the selling of poppies around school this year. Well done, team!



Magic Breakfast started in school today.

The Magic Breakfast will run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 8:30am, and all children are invited.

The door will close at 8:40am. Children are to be dropped off at the KS1 door in the playground. The breakfast is for children only and is free – we will still be running a Big Breakfast for parents and children every term.


 Christmas Dinner

This year, Christmas Dinner Day is Wednesday 19th December. All children who wish to have a school dinner may choose one if they wish, even if they are on sandwiches. The price of the meal is £2 and this is payable in advance, online. Children...     remember your Christmas jumper on Christmas Dinner Day!


Children’s Prayers

Dear God, Please can you help me to look after others and myself. Guide me in life so I can’t do bad things and lead me to be good in life.

Amen       Lewis Y6


Dear God, Help all the people that have died suffering in the war and all of the soldiers that gave up their lives so we could live.

Amen       Jake Y6


Dear God, Thank you for making humans healthy and kind. Help us to look after one another. Let us have the knowledge to look after each other. Please help young people like me to look after themselves.

Amen       Keira Y6


Dear Father, Thank you God for looking after our family and friends in Heaven. Although we still miss them very much we know that they are in a super place now called Heaven. We pray to remember that you’re always with us now and forever.

Amen       Sasha Y6


Christmas Fair

It’s that time of year again, and we are rapidly approaching the time for our Christmas Fair.  After the success of last year we are going to hold the fair in school on Friday 7th Dec 2-5pm.

The success of our Christmas fair is due to the support of all our families, both from school and the parish and I would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.


We have many different stalls, and each year we try to add something new to keep it interesting.  For any parents not familiar with our Christmas fair, here are a few of the stalls you will see when you come along: Teddy Tombola, Bottle Tombola, Raffle, Father Christmas and a café.


To help make our fair this year a great success we need to ask for donations from our parents and families.


Week 1 Mon 12th Nov

Smellies and Accessories

Week 2 Mon 19th Nov

Teddies, toys and books (good condition)

Week 3 Mon 26th Nov

Cakes and chocolate

Week 4 Mon 3rd Dec

Own clothes day – bring a bottle









Each child will be given a raffle ticket for every item they bring in. There will be a draw held in assembly each Friday, and the winners will receive a bar of chocolate.

We appreciate that this is a very busy and costly time of year for everybody, but our Christmas fair is a much needed fund raiser for school as well as being a good opportunity for families to get together.  I would encourage as many people as possible to become involved and make this another successful community event.






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