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Monday 5th February 2018

Telephone: 0161 770 5401          Email: info@stannesrc.oldham.sch.uk        

 Web: https://stannesrc.oldham.sch.uk/

Headteacher: Mr J Graves          Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Wainwright


Thought for the Week:

“I co-operate with others and in work and play.”


World Book Day

Thursday 1st March – Children can come dressed as bees as part of a whole school Super Learning day. St Anne’s is buzzing about reading !!!!



8.30 Mass will be held EVERY WEDNESDAY in Lent in the school hall. All are welcome.



All parents are warmly invited to the class assemblies and Masses – see list below!


Dates for the Diary.

Friday 9 Feb – Y4 Assembly @ 9am

Tuesday 20th Feb – Y6 Class Mass @ 9.15am

Wednesday 21 Feb – Lent Mass @ 8.30am

Tuesday 27 Feb – Y5 Class Mass  @ 9.15am

Wednesday 28 Feb – Lent Mass @ 8.30am

Thursday 1 March – World Book Day: Children can come dressed as a Bee.

Wednesday 7 March – Lent Mass @ 8.30am

Friday 9 March – Reception Assembly @ 9am

Tuesday 13 March – Y4 Class Mass  @ 9.15am

Wednesday 14 March – Lent Mass @ 8.30am

Tuesday 20 March – Y3 Class Mass  @ 9.15am

Wednesday 21 March – Lent Mass @ 8.30am

Wednesday 28 March – Lent Mass @ 8.30am

Friday 4 May  – Y6 Assembly @ 9am

Friday 18 May – Y3 Assembly @ 9am


Social Media: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc

In line with other schools, we would like to strongly recommend that children do not have access to social media (even under parent supervision) until they are old enough to have an email account, which we believe is 13.


Roll of Honour…   Last week’s certificate winners:


Golden Book Certificate

Half Term Award


Kaif and Nathaniel



Malakai and Cole



Mia and Katie



Libby and Dawid



Kai and Isabelle



Niall and Kadie



Kiara and Denisa



The Winning House



Home-School Agreement

Please find a ‘Home-School Agreement’ tonight in your child’s book-bag. Please read, sign and return this before the end of this week.


Next holidays…

We break up for half term THIS WEEK on Friday 9th February. School reopens on Monday 19th February.

We break up for Easter on Thursday 29th March and return to school on Monday 9th April.


The usual time for Friday assembly from next half term will be at 2.20pm. However, assembly will move to 9am if there is a class assembly – like this Friday for Year 4, for example. Please check the dates for further details of when you can see your child’s class perform.


Our School Rules: BE SAFE

1. Always follow instructions.

2. Always respect and take care of yourself, others and property.

3. Always remember your manners.

4. Always allow others to do their work.

5. Always make the best effort you can.


Culture Statement

  • If we do nothing else today, we will show LOVE, RESPONSIBILITY, and RESPECT.
  • The most important things we must ensure today, are that we do our best to learn, be safe and be happy.


Children’s Prayers

Dear Heavenly Father, When I am speaking to my friends, family and other people, I will remember to use my manners with words such as please, sorry and thank you. This would make me feel happy and hopefully everyone else, too. Amen. Harley (Y4)


Dear Heavenly Father, I will try to use better words to other people, for example please, sorry and thank you. If everyone used these words then the world will be a better place. Amen. Maicee (Y4)


Dear Lord, Please help us to follow the laws that have been set for us. We ask you to keep us safe in your love so that we may live our lives in peace. Amen. Payton (Y3)


Dear God, Please help us all to respect and follow the laws. It is our responsibility to keep us safe. Your love comes to us and we listen to what you say. We will follow the laws so that we can be safe. Amen. Yeva (Y3)

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