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This week we will be revising ratio and proportion.

Watch the presentation at White Rose   https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/, then have a go at the exercise in your book. If you have a printer, you can print out the worksheet and write on it!

The answers are also on the website so you can see how well you are doing.


Writing activity

Task 1:Story starter!

He held them with his mind. He controlled them.

The chairs swirled around him, dancing as if held by invisible strings. He practised on chairs, however his powers allowed him to manipulate things far more complex than that…

Can you write a story about the man who can perform magic?

(from pobble 365 website)


RE: Make an Easter Prayer Chain

paper prayer  chain(2)

Give each member of your family a few strips of coloured paper and encourage them to write a one-line thank you prayer.

Fasten all the strips together to make a festive paper chain that you can hang across your living room. 

Advice on how to support each other from our Salford Diocese


Live streaming of masses from the Vatican



Task 2: Sentence challenge!

Why do you think the man practices his magic using chairs?

What other magic do you think the man possesses?

Why do you think he is in a field?

What do you think his home is like?

If you could perform magic, what power/ability would you most like to have?

Get Crafty

Easter is just around the corner so why not make something fantastic?



There are loads of ideas online to help inspire you. Post a picture of your creation on class dojo!


CAFOD have a lovely Lenten calendar with a reading and prayers for each day.

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