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A child's war

This half term we will be finding out all about life for children in WW2.

We'll find out why the nations were fighting each other and who was on which side.

We'll try to imagine what it was like to be evacuated to safety in the countryside.

We'll explore how people stayed safe during air raids and have a go at making a model Anderson shelter for homework.

We'll try out some wartime recipes-carrot cookies anyone?

We'll explore the story of Anne Frank and how Jewish people were treated by the Nazis.

We'll explore the role of propoganda on morale and how Oldham was affected by the war.

We'll be visiting the IWM North to look at some genuine WW2 artefacts. Look out for some of our pictures. 


Goodnight Mr Tom

Our text for this half term is "Goodnight Mr.Tom" by Michelle Magorian.

This is the story of Willie, a nine-year-old evacuee form London, who is taken in by the curmudgeonly Mr.Tom. Tom comes to realise that his young friend has been badly treated by his mother but with some gentle encouragement can learn a lot from his time in the countryside. 

mr Tom

Recommended books

If you love reading, here is a list of books that will help you learn a little more about WW2:

ww2 books(1)

Amazing Anderson Shelters

For homework, we were asked to make a model of an Anderson Shelter. We researched them first and had a go at making them. Some of us roped in our families to help us and some made it all by ourselves. I think you'll agree that they are all wonderful! Have a look through our gallery- you'll be amazed!

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

Colossians 3: 23


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