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Create a family keepsake

Make a book or website of your family's history by trying out some of the following ideas:

  1. Find out more about the people in your family:  their jobs, hobbies, friends and the places, people and things they love.
  2. Use photos, video, recordings and scribblings to make an interesting keepsake your family will want to keep and add to as time goes on.
  3. Have a whole page or section on each member of the family and give everyone free choice for what they include on their pages.
  4. Use different ways of showing the things you love doing, through writing, cartoons, sketches, collage...

Timetable rockstars

Make sure that you are practising your times tables daily. If you need a login please ask on Dojo or ring school 



Make sure you can spell all the year 5 and year 6 words from the word list!

Online learning

The good old beeb has lots of fantastic lessons for the children to enjoy.


The government has set up a new online learning platform to help with learnig from home. It has 3 hours of lessons per year group.



f you love writing( and we have some amazing writers in Year 6) you may want to take a look at this website: https://authorfy.com/

It has materclasses and little videos from some of your favourite children's authors challenging you to write a story of their choosing. 

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