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This half term, we will be consolidating our understanding of number and place value: numbers to 10,000,000, rounding and developing our understanding of negative numbers.

We will also be practising our calculation skills, with a particular focus on long division


In writing we will be reading biographies and writing our own biography about Charles Darwin.

We will be writing information texts about the amazing animals of the Galapagos Islands and, as Halloween approaches, will be trying to scare each other with our own scary stories. 


Our science focus is Evolution and Inheritance. We will be finding out how offspring are different to their parents, how animals are adapted to their environments and how fossils are formed.

To develop our investigation skills, we will be testing which bird beaks are best for different kinds of food. We will also be attempting to extract DNA strands from a strawberry !


We will be developing our coding skills, as we program our racing car game , adding variables to count how many gems we've collected, how many laps we've completed and even how many times we've crashed!


We will be puttting our mapping skills to the test as we track Darwin's expedition around the world.

We will be comparing the Galapagos Islands to the UK and investigating the formation of those islands.


We will be reading and writing all about Charles Darwin and the exciting journey he made to discover the world's flora and fauna. 

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