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Parent's Newsletter: Autumn 2

With Christmas approaching fast, we are going to be very busy in year 6 this half term!

Below are our ‘Rainbow Rules’ that we will remind and expect all of our children to follow every day:

  • I will be safe.
  • I will respect others.
  • I will be in the right place at the right time.
  • I will co-operate.
  • I will control my feelings and emotions.
  • I will communicate appropriately and use the correct language.



R.E: In Re we will be exploring ‘Justice’. We will learn to understand the meaning of justice and how we all have to work for justice. We will also discover that some people have been persecuted for speaking out about injustice.

Science: Topic title: Can you be the next PlayStation apprentice? In the electricity topic we will learn to:

  • associate the brightness of a lamp or the volume of a buzzer with the number and voltage of cells used in the circuit
  • compare and give reasons for variations in how components function, including the brightness of bulbs, the loudness of buzzers and the on/off position of switches
  •  use recognised symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram.

We will be making our own board-games which require electricity to function.

English: In English this half term we are going to be using WW2 and the novel Goodnight Mr Tom as a writing stimulus. We will be learning how to write the following:

  • Diary writing
  • Letter home as an evacuee
  • Writing in role
  • Newspaper report
  • Poetry WW2
  • Explanation text
  • Balanced argument - should the children in the community be evacuated or not?
  • Leaflet - Posters / invitations for afternoon tea – advertise Christmas fair


Reading: In year 6 we ask your child to read every day for at least 15 minutes. This will extend their vocabulary and sentence structures to help with their writing and ensure stamina for reading. Your child has been given a writing journal and are encouraged to write in vocabulary which they have found whilst reading which we encourage them to use in their own writing.

Guided reading: Guided reading will take place on Monday’s. Homework diaries need to be signed for this day and will also be signed by teachers too. This is a very valuable source of communication between parents and your child’s guided reading teacher.

Reading books: This half term I am encouraging the children to take 1 fiction book and 1 non-fiction or poetry book to supplement their reading. These books may be taken from our school library or our ever expanding class library! I am encouraging the children to choose their books carefully and read a novel within 2 weeks.

Maths: Topics for this half term will include:

  • The 4 operations
  • Fractions
  • Shape – coordinates and translation
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Ratio and proportion
  • A weekly arithmetic test – scores in diaries out of 40

Homework: Class Homework will be given on a Thursday and should handed in by the following Thursday.

Additional personalised homework from Mr Barry, Mrs Wainwright, Mrs Osborne and Mrs Wood may also be given.

Goodnight Mr Tom: If your child is given reading homework to do it is essential that they read what is required on time so that they are up to date and can access the lesson.

It is very important that all homework is completed on time and to the same standard that we expect in school, in order to make it worthwhile. We value your support with this.

If your child fails to hand in their homework in on time their badge will be taken until it is handed in at an appropriate standard. The reason for this is that a big part of year 6 is to prepare your child for secondary school where your child will receive much more homework with much harsher sanctions if it is failed to be handed in. If your child can get into a good routine now it will hugely benefit them in next year.


Spellings: Spellings will be given on a Thursday to be learnt for the following Thursday. The spelling test result will be recorded in the homework diary and any mistakes on the test will be highlighted.

PE: PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the correct kit (yellow top, black shorts and pumps) Please also pack an outdoor PE kit for this term (black or navy tracksuit bottoms and top and outdoor trainers).

Golden Tickets: During the week your child may receive a golden ticket. This golden ticket gives them access to small group, individualised learning for maths for half an hour from 8.45 – 9.15. This is particularly important in year 6 to plug any gaps in learning and provides a great confidence boost.

Attached to this letter:

  • 100 books to read in year 6 – I have compiled a list of recommended books to read in year 6 – there is also a display in class that you are welcome to look at any time.
  • WW2 reading – a list of books recommended for your child to read during this half term to complement their writing.

Some of these books are not yet available in school (I am working on it!) However, Oldham library stock many of these books and many are available on amazon – some for as little as 1 pence!

  • Reading SATS questions prompt sheet.

In the reading SATS the questions are broken down into 8 different types. The question types which appear most often are 2a (vocabulary questions) 2b (literal questions – were the answer is in the text) and 2d questions (the children have to infer / ‘read between the lines’) The questions on the prompt sheet are from previous SATS papers and can be easily reworded to ask questions about the book or extract that your child is reading.

  • Age related expectations check list

By the end of year 6 children are expected to be able to achieve these expectations within their own writing independently.

  • Year 5/6 word list

These spellings can be practised alongside your child’s weekly spellings.

  • SATS timetable for May


Just a reminder that your child should have brought home a newsletter with all the dates on for this half term.

Thanks for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.


Miss Farrell, Mrs Wood and Mrs Q.


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