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Spring 2

Planning our story

Science - Properties of materials

We went on a material hunt around the school. We then used our results to talk about properties of materials. We recorded our results in a table.

Re - Roleplay

Here we acted out some of the bad choices that we have made. We realised that our actions affect those around us. We reflected on what we would do next time to improve our behaviour and help us make the right choice. 

We have been measuring in maths

In maths we have been converting measures (mm, cm, m, km). We used a trundle wheel to measure the size of a rainforest tree. Rainforest trees can grow upto 60m or 6000cm!


Newman College Trip

We paid a visit to Newman College and showed them what we could do! We even had some past pupils to help us! We learnt about acids and alkalines in Science. We did an investigation and recorded our results (cool glasses). We then attended Computer Science and did some programming on Scratch. We had a great day and everyone was fantastically behaved!

RE - The Prodigal Son