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Please see website for diary dates and events and more information on the curriculum and what the children have been up to: http://www.stannesrc.oldham.sch.uk/


Anglo-Saxon Day

We were paid a visit by an Anglo-Saxon lady. She taught us how to light a fire using flint and stones; about Anglo-Saxon food and how they processed cereal, using a quern stone, to make flour; we made Anglo-Saxon jewellery; we placed Viking and Anglo-Saxon settlements onto a map; wrote like the Anglo-Saxons (using a quill and medieval ink); learnt about Anglo-Saxon Gods and performed a poem for them; we learnt about Anglo-Saxon weaponry and had a chance to hold shields, swords, an axe, armour and a helmet. We then capped off our wonderful day with a battle!


End of Anglo - Saxon topic celebration


As Year 4 have been studying about the Normans, we thought we would end our topic by recreating the Battle of Hastings. The last Anglo-Saxon King, King Harold, was killed by the Normans at the Battle of Hastings. We had an Anglo-Saxons (year 5) vs Normans (year 4) dodgeball battle. This time though, the Anglo-Saxons won and changed the course of history!