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This half term we have been focusing on writing instructions. We have linked this with our Topic of the Stone Age and we wrote clear and detailed instructions of how to kill a mommoth! First we researched the method that was used in the Stone Age and then we acted it out! This was really fun! After that we then began to write our instructions. The results were amazing! Take a look for yourself!



This half term we are looking at fantastic fossils and rocks. We have been investigating the job of an archeologist and how they help us to learn about the past. In our investigation station we have different types of rocks to examine using the magnifying glasses. We know that some rocks are sedimentary and some are igneous, we have been identifying the properties of each of these types of rock...


Precious Stones

Luckily, we have a stone specialist working here at St Annes; Mrs Andreuchetti (from year 4). She came to visit our class and very kindly brought along her precious stone collection. We were able to hold and inspect these beautiful and special stones, we found out their names, drew them and described their properties in our books. This was very interesting! 


Topic - Stone Age

This half term we have been learning all about the Stone Age in topic. We have been researching how early humans lived and comparing it to the way we live today. We have discussed;

How they survived (hunting)

How they lived, where they lived.

What tools they used

How archeologists find out about history

How they communicated with each other etc. 

The children have especially enjoyed spending time in our very own class cave! Next week we will be creating some of our very own cave paintings! Pictures to follow.


This weeks spellings

w/c 02.02.18

We are learning a new spelling rule...

To use prefix Anti-  which means ‘against’ or ‘opposite’. We can just add it to the front of a root word without changing its spelling.









Please discuss the meaning of these words with your children and perhaps use them in a sentence. Discuss how adding the prefix anti- changes the meaning of the word. 

Parent Reminders

Please can you remember to sign in the diaries when you have read with your children. We would politely ask that you do this as it is in the childrens best interest and will help them to progress aswell as promote a love of reading. It is also our school policy. Unfortunately, if we see that children are consistantly not reading at home they will recieve a warning. 


Also please ensure that all children return their homework books by Wednesday of every week. This gives myself and staff adequate time to mark their work and distribute new work for the following week. 


Thank you for your continued support :)

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