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Topic - Gods and Legends (Ancient Greece)

This is a wonderful topic that gives the children the opportunities to explore Ancient Greece including Greek gods, The Olympics, What we learnt from the Greeks and also some Greek pottery artwork.


We have been lucky to have already had a visit from the Ancient Greek specialist. She spent the full day in year 3 sharing the greek experience. The children made pitta bread using the bare ingredients available during that time period, they even had a go at grinding their own flour! Hard work! The children were able to gain a good understanding of what life was like in ancient greece, discussing jobs, housing, slavery, democracy and equality and well known greek myths.


They played with old toys that would have been available during the time and also learned about the different city states. They understand that the city states would compete against each other in the Olympic games - discus, running and chariot racing to name a few. 


They learned about grusome battles and wars and even got to dress up in the heavy armour... Watch out for that sword! 

English - The Iron Man

This half term we will be basing our literacy on the book ‘Iron Man’ the main aims are:

• To enjoy a story and discuss its meanings

• To explore narrative plot, settings, characters and draw inferences to aid understanding

• To broaden understanding of writers' use of language and build a varied vocabulary 

• To write non-fiction texts based on fictional experiences

• To write newspaper reports based on the narrative

Our Punctuation and Grammar target;

Identify and use conjunctions in a sentence.


In maths, we will be studying mental and written methods for multiplication and division. Knowledge of times tables are a massive part of understanding this and so practicing times tables regularly at home would be very beneficial. We will also be looking at reasoning and problem solving skills.


Our targets this half term will be:

Revise times-tables learned and derive division facts; perform division with remainders.


We will be learning about Mary the Mother of God. We will be discussing why Mary was chosen to be the mother of God and reflect on the role of Mary our mother, how she shows her love for us and how we show love for her.



PE is on a Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child has the correct kit (yellow top, black shorts and pumps) You can also pack an outdoor PE kit for this term (hoody/tracksuit/ trainers). Lessons will be both indoor and outdoor this half term. 

At home

Our expectation is that all children will read at home with a helper EVERY evening. The school are trying to encourage reading as much as possible and so if your child has their homework diary signed by an adult for reading every day they will get rewarded with an EXTRA playtime on a Friday!! :) 

We will also be continuing to send home spellings every week. It is essential that the children practice these at home to help toward improving their vocabulary and writing. We ask for your support in these matters and thank you dearly for all you do to support us. 

Below are some ideas for home learning projects linked to our topic. Please try to complete some of these tasks with your children and if they want to bring them into school to be celebrated! :)

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