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Dear children and parents, 

I hope you are all well, I am missing all my year 3 gang terribly now. As school is still closed to children in Year 3 at the moment we will do all we can to support you with your continued development of education at home and we will continue to post tasks for home learning below every week. 

Ideally, it would be great if you could:

- Do 1 Learning task per day

- Produce a project book on any area of interest

- Continue to read as much as possible

As much as possible, I have tried to provide resources and links to help.

So proud of you all for persevering with your work at home, I'm sure you have made your parents/carers very happy with your work.



Continue to keep safe and look after each other, 

Miss Comer


The expectation is that children will read for at least 15 minutes each day.

Here are two useful websites that children in year 3 can access to support reading, they are both free to use and I have set up accounts for the children so they can log in and use the resources as many times as they like.


1. Oxford Owl Reading Tree


When on this webpage:

- press 'my class login'

- enter login details: 

class name: homereader

password: Lovetoread

- select 'my bookshelf'

Here you can scroll through lots of e-books, you can filter by age range or themes, you will be able to read the books, all also offer audio so that it can be read to you. Great resource!


2. Epic!


When on the webpage:

- Press 'students'

- Enter class code: vle9920

- Press 'guest student'

Here you can scroll through lots of e-books, there are also videos to watch. Another great resource!

Weekly Tasks

The learning tasks given here should be completed every day where possible. Children should be reading for at least 15 minutes per day, either your own books at home or an e-book accessed as above. I will set a Maths and writing task per day…

Week beginning 29.06.20





Puzzles and problems document below – chose 1 or 2 problems per day and work them out.

Look at the images of rivers in the PowerPoint. I would like you to write a description of a setting with a river. It could be a tranquil river running through a peaceful forest or it could be a raging, powerful river gushing through the hills.

I would like you to use interesting verbs (seen in the PowerPoint) and adjectives to describe the river (also shown in the PowerPoint).

There is also a WAGOLL below for you to have a look at.


Puzzles and problems document below – chose 1 or 2 problems per day and work them out.

River facts comprehension questions (below) Use the internet to research and find the answer to the questions.


Puzzles and problems document below – chose 1 or 2 problems per day and work them out.

Read through the river pollution PowerPoint and make an informative poster about causes of river pollution.


Puzzles and problems document below – chose 1 or 2 problems per day and work them out.

Write a letter to your local councillor expressing your concern about river pollution. Try and persuade the councillor to put something in place to try to reduce river pollution. Think of the following questions when writing your letter.

-Why are you writing?

-What causes pollution?

-What effect does that have on rivers?

-How could it be changed?

-Why should we change this?

-Final statement


Puzzles and problems document below – chose 1 or 2 problems per day and work them out.

Practice spellings choose 15 words from the list below.

Also please check out the Topic section at the bottom of this page for more learning activities you can do at home. :) 

Purple Mash

Some of the tasks may require the children to use the Purple Mash website. I have already briefed the children about how to use this tool, they practiced in class and they have all been given their own individual login details and passwords. You can find these stuck on the inside page of their learning book.

Purple Mash contains lots of learning resources that the children can access at their own leisure and there may also be some tasks that I have assigned.

To access assigned tasks:

  1. Go to https://www.purplemash.com/sch/sta-ol4
  2. Enter the childs personal ID and password.
  3. Press the ‘2dos’ logo in the top left hand corner.
  4. In there the children will find tasks that have been assigned to them specifically from me.
  5. Once they have finished they press 'save and exit'.
  6. Enter a file name with their name in it and save it to the year 3 file. This will be saved and sent to me so I can see that they have been completing tasks and I can even give them feedback on their work.

Other helpful websites

  • Twinkl is an online resource that provides various worksheets, power points and practical resources to support learning.

The website has opened up free access to parents, just go to https://www.twinkl.co.uk/ and press on the ‘Coronavirus Home Learning Support Page’ to access.

  • National Geographic Kids
  • BBC History for Kids
  • Cool Math
  • Snappy Maths
  • Primary resources


Thank you to the parents for supporting us and your children, keep safe, keep well and keep smiling!

Hope to see you all again soon, 

Miss Comer :)



Our new topic over the next few weeks is Natural Disasters!! 

Here are some fantastic, creative ideas of things to do at home:

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