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Windowsill Garden

Windowsill garden

Year 2 have conducted a scientific experiment to see how plants grow and identify what they need for healthy growth and survival. We created a windowsill garden using food scraps such as carrot tops, shrivelled potatoes, onions and pineapple tops. Tray 1 has been placed in a dark, cold area with no water while tray 2 has been placed in a light, warm area with water. We made predictions using scientific vocabulary and will observe the changes over the following weeks. Take a look at our photographs……

Scented playdough

We had great fun following instructions to make scented playdough. We voted on our favourite scent and colour. The most popular choice was peppermint green playdough. We had to use scales to measure out the flour and salt then mix the ingredients while adding food colouring, oil and warm water. Take a look at our photographs….

The broad bean race
Everyone in Year 2 is taking part in a broad bean race. We planted our seeds last week and will observe the growth over the following weeks in our broad bean diaries. Watch this space!

We love experiments!
This week we conducted a scientific experiment to see how flowers transport water. In small groups, the children had to snip a white rose and place it into a bottle with different colour food colourings and a little bit of water. They then observed what happened. The stem slowly began to change colours as did the white petals. This was a very exciting experiment and all the children worked well in their groups.

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