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Summer 2 Newsletter


We will be telling the time, understanding simple fractions of numbers and shape, adding, subtracting, sequences and movement.


We will be writing our own James and the Giant Peach stories, using apostrophes and we will continue with our weekly comprehension work.


We will learn about the Miracles of Jesus. These will include, 'The Wedding at Cana', 'Blind Bartimaeus', 'The Paralysed Man' and 'The calming of the Storm'.

We will also have our World religion work of Islam where we will learn about a Mosque, the Qur'an, praying and the five Pillars of Islam.


We are learning about different species of birds and classification of trees. We will recognise leaves and go on a walk in Strinesdale to apply our learning. We will have a minibeast hunt and be able to label the different parts of plants and flowers.



Leaf investigating

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