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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We’re nearly at the end of Year 1!

Topic/Science: What plants and animals would a dinosaur find in the woods?  

We will be learning to:

Identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees

Identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.


In Literacy we will be working on descriptive writing and story=telling. Please continue to practice basic skills with your child at home e.g. handwriting, writing on the line etc.

Guided reading will take place on Tuesday for all groups.

Mathematics:  We will be learning to:


Home reading books will be changed on a Tuesday. During this session, I will check that children’s homework diaries have been signed by an adult. We ask that, in year 1, children are reading most nights. This year, at St. Anne’s, we are focusing on children’s love of reading. Rainbow the reading bear will continue to be sent home each week with a different child for the weekend. We ask that over the weekend, you keep a diary of Rainbow bear’s adventures.


Measure using different units of measurement e.g. centimetres and feet.

Mentally add and subtract numbers

Recall 2,5 and 10 times tables.

Multiply and divide numbers up to 20.

Recall number bonds to 10 and 20.




Maths and literacy homework will be given on a Thursday for the following Thursday (the homework will include small tasks for you to support your child with)

Additional topic/science homework may also be given .

It is very important that all homework is completed on time and to the same standard that we expect in school, in order to make it worthwhile. We value your support with this. I will check if homework is completed and if your child is late handing it in (without a note) their rainbow badges will be taken until it is completed and handed in.



Spellings will be given on a Friday to be learnt for the following Friday. Your child’s spellings will link with the phase of phonics they are currently working at within school.


PE will be on a Monday and Friday. Please ensure your child has the correct kit (yellow top, black shorts and pumps).


Rainbow badges

Your child should wear their rainbow badge with pride each day. If your child misplaces their rainbow badge, replacements are available at the office for a cost of £1.  You will be notified if a member of staff has taken their rainbow badge away for not following the school rules and is working towards earning it back.


Thank you for your continued help and support.      

Miss Benbow, Mrs Gore, Mrs Hoyle, Miss Hayes and Mrs Nolan.