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Mrs McHale's Group Autumn 2

Please see the following lists for your child's spellings this week.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
called feet sea beach honey there
asked meet tea reach money where
could deep meat teach very love
be keep seat treat funny one
me week happy speak family come
we green lazy field party some
she teeth tiny thief so once
bee his jolly relief by ask
see has silly no my friend
tree you your go here school


Mes Hoyle's Group Autumn 2

4/11/17        11/11/17       18/11/17       25/11/17      2/12/17        9/12/17

kick                      hot               jam                vet               mix                  yet

sick                       huff             jet                  van               box                 yell

pick                       pull             jog                will                 fix                  zip

sock                      hop             jack                web              six                  buzz

in                           the               is                  no                 he                 she

it                           and               I                   yes                                      

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