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Autumn 1 learning. (So far)


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Homework Weds 18th October due 31st October

Research toys from the past.

Which toys did your Grandparents and parents play with?

Which toys do you like to play with?

Which toys need batteries?

Spellings Autumn 1 2017 Mrs McHale's group

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
fail bake date bay eight grey
mail cake gate day weigh they
sail lake hate may weight was
rain take late pay sleigh is
tail came mate play baby oh
train game made say lady their
laid same age way bacon people
a snake rage said apron Mr
the to safe says table Mrs
do today of are were looked

Mrs Hoyle's group

18/9/17              25/9/17                     2/10/17              9/10/17        16/10/17

sat                                                           an                             am                    dad

pat                           pit                            in                              man                  Sid

tap                           sit                            nip                            mam                 did

sap                           tip                            pan                           mat                  dad

as                             pip                            pin                            map                  and

at                             sip                            tin                            Pam                  sad

a                              it                              tan                           Tim                   dim

                                is                              nap                           Sam                  dip


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