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Topic for Autumn One

Our Topic for this half term is Marvellous Me!

Our key texts for English work are Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers, The Colour Monster by Anna LLenas, Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas and Dogger by Shirley Hughes. 

We are learning about parts of our bodies and our senses in Science.

In History we will be learning about how toys have changed over the years.Fingers crossed we will have a lovely trip to the Toy Museum in Ilkley to look at some very old toys soon. In DT we will be designing and making a toy of our own.

In Geography we are learning about our school, St Anne's and that it is in Greenacres. 

Mr James is teaching us about orienteering in PE.

In Religion we are exploring God's great plan.

Welcome to Year One

Hello everyone and welcome to Year One.

In Year One, we have two teachers - Mrs Osborne and Mrs Gore- who share the class.

We have three TAs- Mrs Coulton, Mrs Walton and Mrs Hannah.

Here we are English work

We have been reading the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers in school.

We have already looked at the pages about our solar system and our planet and the children have found out that we live on Planet Earth.

We have been learning about the different parts of our bodies and what they are for. This week we are looking at how to take care of our bodies, how special all the animals are and how much we have changed since we were babies.

Here is a link to a video reading of the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkcjKbbF9JA

Here is a link to a song that helps you learn the names of parts of your body.


here we are


Because we missed so much of Reception, we are consolidating our understanding of numbers and counting within 10. This week we will be counting forwards and backwards, counting one more and one less.

The videos are on the link below and I have included the worksheets that accompany the videos.

It would be lovely if you could do lots of practice- there are many things around the home that you can use to count: buttons, toy cars, pom poms, socks,food items like cheerios, steps up and down the stairs. Make it fun and do it often and it becomes embedded in their memory!


Topic: Marvellous me

On Monday we are learning the names for the different parts of your face and whatjobs they do. Look at the Marvellous me ppt. Sing the songs and answer the questions.

Use a mirror to find all the different parts of your face. Can you write some labels? What job does each part of your face do?

On Tuesday look at the Powerpoint about toys. Then complete the activity sheet about your favourite toy. Talk about the questions. Then if you can, write your ideas down.

On Wednesday get active and do some PE ! Here is a link to supermovers.


I've included a link to a lovely singing lesson for you to enjoy.



End of Year Expectations for Year 1

Here are the end of Year Expectations for Year Ones.

I've also included a list of the common exception spelling words. These are also called tricky words or red words.


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