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Open wide – let’s look inside!
We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body. This half term, we’ll find out about different dental procedures and learn new scientific vocabulary. At school, we’ll use this information to write toothy fact files. There will be lots of investigating as we learn about our different teeth, how to brush them and how sugary drinks affect them. We’ll examine the amount of sugar in different foods and create images of ourselves with healthy and unhealthy teeth. We’ll write a story describing the journey a piece of food takes through the digestive system. In science, we’ll learn about the organs involved in digestion and make our own wearable digestive systems in D&T. We’ll learn about digestion in different animals and handle a range of digestive organs. At the end , we’ll write persuasive texts to convince people to eat healthily and share these with you. We’ll use what we’ve learned to play a scientific game and create healthy snack packs for our friends. We’ll also write to our digestive systems, promising to keep them healthy.

ILP focus is Science

Fact files, explanations, fantasy stories, slogans, persuasive texts
Science - Teeth types, tooth decay and hygiene, the digestive system
Computing - Digital images, algorithms, video
D&T - Healthy foods, textiles, working models
Mathematics - Fractions and Decimals
Music - Guitars (Cont.) 
PSHE - Healthy bodies 

Help your child prepare for their project
The food we eat goes on an amazing journey through the digestive system. Why not keep a joint food diary for a week to see if you eat enough gut-friendly foods? You could also try a new food or drink that you’ve never tasted before. What do you like or dislike about its taste and texture? Alternatively, drop copper coins into a range of fizzy drinks overnight to see what happens. Which drink has the most powerful cleaning properties?

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