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Encourage your child to practise the Year 3/4 spellings (see list)

Ask your child to choose 5  words. They can then write a synonym, antonym, the meaning and an example of how to use the word in a sentence.
The 'Word Map' is a good way of doing this (Below)



Mon-Fri: Ask your child to read a chapter from their home reading book or a book that they have borrowed from the library.

Following this, ask your child to summarise the events from the chapter. They could bullet point what happened, summarise in a sentence, create a comic strip or present the information in their own creative way.

Your child can log into www.getepic.com

(Please note that it can only be accessed in school hours 6-4. Outside of these hours it may ask for a subscription fee)

Use the class code: bdz8708 and click on their name to access over 30,000 free books. (note: this service only works between 6am-4pm unless you subscribe to the full version)

  • Please note that I have added a reading list based on the topics that we cover in Year 4. I am able to view how many minutes of reading each child has done and how many books they have completed.

Encourage your child to note down any unfamiliar words from the chapter they have read. Explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary (or google the definition). Try to use the new vocabulary in a sentence.

Times Tables


Each child has been given their own login to access TT Rockstars. As you have previously been made aware Year 4 were due to take part in the first national standardized multiplication test. This was to be conducted in June. As it has been announced that GCSE's and SAT's have been cancelled we can assume this is no longer happening. However, it is so important for your child to know upto 12x12 in their multiplications fluently as it underpins a lot of what they do in Maths. Pupil Engagement with this resource will be monitered as it logs when they access and how much involvement they have with it.

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