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Welcome to Reception 2016 - 2017

Spring 1 2017 Reception Newsletter


Dear Parents/ Carers,

The time really is flying by and the children are all working very hard towards their individual learning goals.

During Spring 2 2017 our focus topic will be 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how I wonder what you are?'  this will give the children the opportunity to explore questions about space and explore some non-fiction texts in literacy.

Click on the planet to learn a song about the solar system:


We will once again be reading lots of stories including 'Whatever Next' a firm favourite amongst the children.  We will be strongly focusing on the children being able to form clearly identifiable letters and writing short sentences, for example, I can see a big green tree.  The will give the children the opportunity to apply their phonics knowledge.

Click on the bear to listen to an audio version of the 'Whatever Next' story by Jill Murphy.


In Mathematics, we will be using numbers from 0 to 20 making sure we can put them in the correct order and find one more or less to 20.  We will be continuing to practise our calculation skills.  We will be naming and describing 3D shapes when we build rocket ships.

Click on the 3D shapes to learn the 3D shape song:

As part of our Religious Education we will be taking part in the Ash Wednesday service and observing Lent as we prepare for Easter.

Click on the cross below to read the Easter Story:

Here is a list of websites you can use to support your child’s learning at home:












Thank you for your ongoing support.


The Reception Team.

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