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Parent's Newsletter Spring 2

Welcome back after your holiday. I can't wait to start all of our fun learning for our fourth half term of the year!

Here are the new 'Rainbow Rules' that we expect all of the children to follow every day:

  • I will be safe.
  • I will respect others.
  • I will be in the right place at the right time.
  • I will co-operate.
  • I will control my feelings and emotions.
  • I will communicate appropriately and use the correct language.



Our topic this half term is 'Who can we ask for help?'. We will be looking at different people in our communities who can help us such as: police officers, firefighters, doctors as well as many others.  

Outdoor Provision:

We want your child to be able to access these areas and resources all year round and in all weathers, therefore, we ask if you could bring in a pair of wellies for your child to keep in school (if you also have waterproof clothing for your child we would appreciate it if we could keep these in school too.)

We have a set of 8 all-in-one waterproofs to share between the children. (We would greatly accept any donations of wellies or all-in-one waterproofs)


In RE we will be focusing on 'Sorrow and Joy.' We will be learning all about who Jesus and the build up to easter in the time of Lent. We will learn how Jesus shows us how to be kind to each other and also how to forgive others.

Personal, social and emotional development (PSED):

In PSED we will be focusing on our whole school thought of the week each week. 

Communication and language:

We will be focusing on developing our listening skills and our ability to following instructions. We will begin to learn how to solve problems by ourselves. We will also focus on developing our personal opinions by sharing our feelings about stories we have read together. 

Physical development:

How to hold a pencil properly. We will also be learning how to keep ourselves healthy and maintain a high level of personal hygiene including looking at healthy eating. We will help to make our hands and fingers stronger through 'Dough disco' (this will help with your childs writing). Why not check out 'Dough Disco' on youtube and you could even practice at home! 


In PE we will be focusing on Gymnastics. PE will be on a Monday. Children will need to have pumps in school on Monday. We will now begin to practice getting changed fully for PE so your child will need a full PE kit (yellow PE top, Black PE shorts, pumps). Please ensure all of your child's PE kit is labelled clearly with their name. 


We will be continuing to learn to write our own names. We will be fosucing on retelling stories as well as composing sentences in our head before we say them out loud. The children will begin to write in their books so we will also be working on our handwriting and presentation skills. We will be learning to leave finger spaces between our words and finish our sentences with a full stop. 


In numeracy we will be: practicing counting rhymes; counting to 10 and back; counting up to 10 objects; learning the names of 3D shapes (cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid). We will be learning to find one more and one less than a number. We will begin to count backwards from 20.

Understanding Of The World (UOTW):

We will be exploring our indoor and oudoor environment at school. We will also be focusing our learning on people from our communites through our topic 'Who can I ask for help?'  

Expressive Arts and Design:

To link our learning to our topic we will doing lots of activities such as: designing and building our dream house (I could ask a builder for help); designing a work uniform for teacher, police officer, firefigher etc.  


Your child will read with a teacher once a week however there is no set day when your child will read so it is very important that your child brings their reading book and school diary in every day. Reading is an important and fun way for your child to develop their understanding of language and we love to see children getting excited about reading. One fantastic way for your child to foster a love for reading is to read at home with an adult, therefore we expect your child to practice reading at home as often as possible (this may include practicing some phonics sounds; listening to an adult read and joining in). Please sign your child's school diary when they have read at home (I would love to hear what sorts of book you have been reading or what phonics activities your child has been doing as well so feel free to write a comment in your child's diary).


Your child will recieve a daily phonics lesson which will help them to learn new sounds to help with their reading. We will begin to learn the sounds for the letters of the alphabet. I recommend using the 'Jolly Phonics' videos on youtube to help your child learn the sounds by listening and joining in with the songs (these videos use the correct phonic pronunciation of each letter)


This half term we ask that you read with your child as much as possible at home and practice their phonics work. We will be sending home pieces of homework based around our topic work and we ask that this homework is completed over the weekend and brought in to school on a Monday.

We expect children to read with an adult, at home, every day. Please sign your childs school diary when you have read with them. 


Thank you for your continued help and support

Mr Shaw, Mrs Walton, Mrs Quinn and Mrs Nolan

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