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Summer Term 2

Parents' Nursery Newsletter  for Summer Term 2

Cannon Hall farm trip

The Nursery class went to visit Cannon Hall Farm on Tuesday 19th June. We had an amazing day!


The farmer at Cannon Hall farm showed us the animlas who lived there, these are some of our favourites...


             The pig had 8 baby piglets. The lived in a pig sty, inside a big barn. It was very smelly inside.


                                         The horse was very big


                                       We watched the cow being milked


We touched the tortoise, his shell was hard.

th_0374D59D-BDC9-493E-9D59-14287D17AF73 goats

We saw the goats in the barn. Their babies are called kids.


We stroked the guinea pig. His fur was very soft.

th_5DD074E7-3E7C-4D40-ACF1-F584E924F1D9 play

We played in the adventure playground - the swing was fantastic!

th_2BE02734-3E0C-4F5B-84BD-BDFF354E7A43 sand

We made sandcastles and then we explored the tunnel maze...

th_41F023CE-C6EE-4182-AE10-D094ED1D317B maze

What a fantastic day!

We learnt all about the animals that live on farms,

and we had so much fun!

Eid Party

On Wednesday 13th June we had an Eid party in the nursery class. We played games and has a party snack. Anaya's mummy made us some delicious samosas - thank you!

Children wore their own clothes for the Eid party and we collected donations for our class charity, TUSC Uganda. We raised £18.00. Thank you very much to everyone who donated.

TUSC Uganda is a fantastic charity run by volunteers from across Greater Manchester. Every single penny we collected will go to children living in Uganda, where they are in desperate need of help. The money raised will help to pay for medicines, food and other things we take for granted.

th_F648B230-F446-4C3E-B51E-10DAEB183AB5 EidIMG_0388[1](1)

Nursery visit to St Anne's Church

On Wednesday 27th June the nursery children went to visit St Anne's church. Father Derek showed us all around the church, he showed us the altar and the baptismal font, and he helped us to count the pictures of Jesus on the walls. Thank you Father Derek.

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