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Message from the Nursery Team

29th June 2020

Home learning for this week is now available below.  This week we are focusing on 'Transition to Reception' and some of the skills your child can develop before they start back in September.


What should my child be learning?

Literacy – Reading/Phonics

  • Read lots of story books together.   Read the same story each day over two weeks.  The children will get to know the story really well and will learn lots of story language.   
  • Retell stories you have read
  • Discuss what is happening in stories, what are the characters like etc…
  • Listen for sounds in the environment – What sounds can we hear? E.g. door bell, washing machine, dog barking, tap running…
  • Listen to music – Can you clap/ stamp with the beat?
  • Hearing and saying rhyming words. E.g. hat cat mat
  • Looking for words that have the same sound e.g. dog, dinosaur, diamond…
  • Pretend to talk like a robot e.g. c-a-t   d-o-g  Can your child tell you what the robot is saying?
  • Sing lots of nursery rhymes

Literacy – Writing

  • Name writing focusing on forming letters
  • Drawing people – focusing on drawing all features of a person
  • Mark making of any kind – drawing with chalks outside, using old paintbrushes and dipping in water to make marks, drawing on old rolls of wallpaper, using different types of pens e.g. felt tips, crayons, ball point pens
  • Pencil control – Practice holding our pen/pencil using crocodile fingers (between first finger and thumb) 
  • Follow patterns with your pencil


  • Practice counting using household objects
  • Practice numeral recognition 1 to 10, then  10 to 20
  • Practice number ordering 1 to 5, then 1 to 10
  • Practice number formation 1 to 10
  • Naming shapes – circle, triangle, square, oblong, hexagon, pentagon
  • Solving problems by sorting objects into categories e.g. sort the socks into colours
  • Order items by height, weight and height – e.g. tins of food by weight, household shoes from smallest to biggest
  • Make patterns using different items e.g. scarves, petals, socks, forks, spoons, toys etc.


ICT games


Phonics Play


Phonics Bloom



www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies  (alphablocks/ numberblocks)

Epic phonics


Oxford Owl (Free e books and games)


Top Marks




Early Learn


World Book Day


The imagination tree



www.twinkl.co.uk (Free access to parents for 4 weeks using the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Counting with Rodd


BBC Radio school


Busy things



If you have an Alexa at home…

To get started say ‘Alexa Play…’

  • 1 2 3 Maths
  • Amazon storytime
  • Animal workout
  • Curiosity
  • Daily dinosaur
  • Guess the animal
  • Kids news



  • Mr Thorne – Geraldine’s Phonics Land
  • Mr Thorne – Phonics safari
  • Jolly Phonics
  • Twinkl Phonics
  • Maths Age 3-5
  • Cbeebies: Go explore
  • Meet the Numberblocks
  • Meet the Alphablocks
  • Barefoot world
  • Google Earth
  • Cbeebies storytime

Youtube channels

  • Go Noodle Flow Playlist
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Mr Thorne does Phonics
  • Geraldine the Giraffe
  • Storybots
  • Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel
  • Number blocks
  • Just dance
  • The learning station
  • Barefoot books
  • Dough disco

Instagram - ideas for parents















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